Dancing Dolphins and One Big Whale

Lillie, Hanna, two male African American teenagers and I are staying at a resort near the ocean.  I’m concerned that Hanna is playing too close to the edges of this high cliff.  It’s so windy that the waves are reaching the top of cliff.  I take the boys to a movie called “Racing Man” but it turns out to be really childish so we leave it early.  We see Lillie, Hanna and Anna outside and I am really excited because there are three dolphins dancing in the waters right near all the beach goers.  As I point out the dolphins to them I see a huge whale as well. The whale, first swimming in the water, comes sliding onto the beach really close to where we are.  I am joking and laughing with the kids about how large the penis of this whale is. I am not sure what moves Lillie to go to the whale and pick it up.  Now it is tiny and fits into her hand.  But, quickly it gets huge again and she can’t do anything else but throw it out of her hands like a football…right into our direction!!