For Cancer Survivors

I am traveling to San Francisco on a bus and plan to go to the Bank of America building.  I wonder how far I will have to walk to get there from the bus stop.  I walk into a store to get directions from a salesperson and see a huge selection of cute toys, stationary, and compact discs, but most noticeable are these mannequin looking heads on the shelves.  They have graphic black circles drawn on as eyes and the hair on them is very rough and salt and peppery looking.  The salesperson explains to me that the store’s items and profits are for cancer survivors.  One C.D. she shows me are songs by musicians that have had cancer, her being one of them.  I am interested in the C.D and want to buy one. She would also like me to read about the artists, songs and the store in general, but I don’t feel like I have enough time.  I buy the C.D. and walk back home by way of Gilman Street.  Shoot…I am having problems once again taking steps and feel like it must be one of those dreams I use to have.   But, I know this is real and I really should make an appointment with my doctor to find out why I can’t move my body faster and what is making me feel so tired and sluggish.