Hunting for Security

My throat is sore from yelling.  Hanna just came out of the bathroom across from Mark’s office in Emeryville and is very upset.  She said there was a very weird man inside the bathroom who had one foot that was huge and he was talking loudly to himself.  She was visibly upset so I went inside to see for myself.  Yes, there is a man in a stall with a huge right foot that has red painted toenails.  But there is also a woman in the bathroom that works for security.  She is totally oblivious to this strange man until I point him out to her.  I run through the building to get back up help, because I know based on his foot, that this man is huge!  I can’t find anyone to help, so Hanna, the woman security guard, and I hide in the room next door to the restroom.  We want to lock it but there are no locks on the doors.  Suddenly, there he is inside the room with us, threatening to kill us if we scream.  I am able to scoot out a side door and run for help. Once again, I am running through buildings unsuccessfully trying to find more security.  I decide to knock on a door and ask the woman who answers if I can use her phone.  I reach the building’s security and I am very insistent that they send someone down to the 7th floor where this man is, but it is like talking to a wall.  They just won’t respond.