Linda’s Phone

Linda W. is shouting really loudly at another woman and I am hearing this as I wait in another room to be psychology tested.  When Linda comes in I ask her what’s wrong and she tells me that she is missing two valuable rings.  One of them she gave to this other woman to hold on to and the other, a very valuable antique ring with a single diamond, she left at our Bonita street house.  Apparently, I hadn’t been home in days and was helping to take care of Uncle Lew.  I’m thinking  I better call right away to tell them to look for it…of course I am dialing on Linda’s phone that is really weird and not working well.  It looks like one of those crossword puzzles with the movable number tiles. The tiles are the numbers to press but they keep falling out and some are totally missing.  I finally make a call but it ends up to be Hillary, not our house at all.